Paper & Presentation Submission

Upcoming deadlines for Speakers & Poster presenters:

01 JUL 2024
  • Notification of acceptance of abstracts – sent on 3 (E-Mobility) and 8 (Wind & Solar) July 2024
  • Draft agenda E-Mobility Symposium – Download
  • Draft agenda Wind & Solar Integration Workshop – Download
13 AUG 2024
  • Register as Speaker or Poster presenter
  • Submission of picture (250×250 px) – Oral presenters (speakers) only
  • Submission of short CV information – Oral presenters (speakers) only
02 SEP 2024
  • Submission of full Papers, signed & scanned Copyright Formsupdated Abstracts
03 OCT 2024
  • Submission of Presentations – Oral presenters (speakers) only

A word ahead

  1. Each accepted paper must be associated with at least one registered author by 13 August 2024.
  2. Each registered author can be associated to no more than two accepted papers per event.
  3. One author per accepted paper is eligible for a special reduced participation fee (speaker/poster) as long as registration is made by 13 August 2024. After that date, the fees for “Speaker Late registration” and “Poster Late registration” apply. Please note that, if you register as an author, you must provide the submission ID number when registering.
  4. In-person participation is mandatory for speakers and poster presenters presenting their work.

You will find an overview of registration fees on the workshop webpage Fees & Registration.

  • Submissions via e-mail will not be accepted. Thank you!

Your Submissions and Uploads Step by Step

Step 1: Download Guidelines

We have compiled information (PDF) regarding the max. number of pages, paper formatting and wording/spelling. Please read carefully.

Step 2: Download Paper Template


Step 3: Download Copyright Form

Every paper must be accompanied by a copyright form. Only by disposing of the exclusive copyright for the submitted contribution, the organizer is able to publish proceedings of the events. All rights of the author remain unchanged.

Step 4: Upload a picture of you (speakers only)

  • Go to left menue Your Account » Authors‘ Corner » Upload speaker photo (250 x 250 preferred)
  • Browse for your document
  • Click the „UPLOAD“ button

Step 5: Provide CV information (speakers only)

  • Go to left menue Your Account » Authors‘ Corner » Speaker CV
  • Introduce yourself with ONE sentence and add your current position.
  • Click the „SUBMIT“ button

Step 6: Update your Abstract & Upload the Full Paper

Each full paper usually contains an abstract. This abstract (and title) may differ from those you have submitted to this online platform during our Call for Papers. In order to have one coherent abstract (and title), we recommend to copy and paste the FINAL abstract (and title) from your full paper to this platform. All abstracts will then be published on our website before the start of the workshop.
Please note: The UPLOAD button for uploading your paper becomes only visible AFTER you updated your data and abstract text and CONFIRMED its correctness:

  • Left menu » Authors‘ Corner » Your Submission/s
  • On the Your Submission/s page you find a List of submissions
  • Under each of your submissions look for „Actions“ and the red EDIT button
  • Click the EDIT button to check and fill in all the information of your submission, especially the fields Paper title, Authors and Abstract text
  • Check the check box „Yes, this abstract is ready to be shown on the workshop website
  • Click the SUBMIT button
  • After having updated your abstract and other required information, click Go back to overview to upload the Full paper

Step 7: Upload Copyright form

  • Go to left menue Your Account » Authors‘ Corner » Upload Copyright Form
  • Browse for your document
  • Click the „UPLOAD“ button

Every submission-ID requires a separate copyright form. For 2 or more submission-IDs please merge the copyright forms into ONE file and upload this one.

Step 8: Upload your presentation (speakers only)

Please upload your presentation slide deck (.ppt/.pptx/.pdf) to this platform between 03 September and 03 October 2024:

  • Go to left menue Your Account » Authors‘ Corner » Your Submission/s, click on Submission/s
  • Under each of your submissions look for „Presentation“ and the red button „Upload a presentation“

Any other question?

  • If you have any question or problem with your submission please contact us:
  • Or check out our FAQ-section for more information!