Partner Events

Renewable Energy Grid Integration Week 2022

Delft / The Hague Region | 10 – 14 October 2022

The purpose of the E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium is to discuss the challenges that arise with increased power demand due to electric vehicle charging, and how they can be met by coordinating with renewable power production in the electrical system (hence the combination with the Solar & Wind Integration Workshop). The selection of topics also highlights the need for integrating the required electric vehicle charging infrastructure with the expansion of the distribution and transmission system.

The Symposium offers a prime opportunity to discuss the significant future impact of E-Mobility on power system design and operation. It aims to bring together experts on electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, power system operators, and stakeholders of the renewable energy industry as well as power system regulators and universities.

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Hydrogen is one of the most important clean energy carriers of the future. Although green hydrogen will not achieve climate neutrality on its own, it is the link in the energy transition for CO2-neutral mobility, industry and the power sector.

At the 1st Hydrogen Power System Integration Symposium, international experts from energy suppliers, gas turbine manufacturers, electrolyzer and fuel cells manufacturers, automotive and industrial companies, research institutions and H2 solution providers will discuss how the transition to large scale green hydrogen application can succeed. Special Topic will be “Electrification of Industry Processes”.

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7th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop

Faroe Islands | 23 – 24 May 2023

The main objective of the 7th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop is to discuss the challenges that arise in isolated and islanded power systems and micro-grids and how they can be efficiently met by deploying a combination of wind, solar, battery and diesel technologies. Finding viable combinations of conventional and renewable energy is one key solution for the efficient and sustainable running of these types of power systems.

International experts will convene for the 6th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop to share their project experiences and to detect areas in need of improvement.

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