The preliminary program will be released on 24 August 2020.

Click on the links below to see the program of the previous workshops and have a look at some presentations of the Keynote Session of the Wind Integration Workshop in Dublin 2019:


Presentations of the Wind Keynote Session 2019

Wind Integration 2020 & Beyond
Jon O’Sullivan (EirGrid, Ireland)
> Presentation

Integration, the Future is Here Now
Mark O’Malley (NREL, USA)

Managing Inverter-Based Generation in the Australian Power System
Babak Badrzadeh (AEMO, Australia)
> Presentation

Decarbonisation, Competition in Networks, RoCoF, August 9th
Graham Stein (National Grid, United Kingdom)

Wind in Ireland – From Today to Tomorrow
Noel Cunniffe (IWEA, Ireland)
> Presentation