Selection of Papers & Presentations of 2017 (Berlin, Germany)

Analysis of the South Australian Blackout
B. Badrzadeh (AEMO, Australia)
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Practical Experiences in Developing and Using a Wind Turbine Model based on IEC 61400-27-1
D. Masendorf, E. Tröster (Energynautics, Germany)
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Integrating High Shares of Variable Renewable Energy in Costa Rica
P.-P. Schierhorn, T. Ackermann (Energynautics, Germany), F. Fernandez (DIgSILENT, Germany), C. Echevarría Barbero, J. R. Paredes, C. Tagwerker (Inter-American Development Bank IDB, USA/Costa Rica)
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Improving the Reactive Power Balance between a German MV and HV Grid through Coordinated Reactive Power Provision by Wind Power Plants
L. Hülsmann, E. Tröster (Energynautics, Germany), U. Ohl, M. Koch (EWR Netz, Germany)
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