Best Papers 2017

Selected Wind Papers 2017 for “IET Special Issue”

The following papers of the 16th International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems as well as on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Power Plants (Berlin, 2017) have been selected as the best papers and are now eligible for the manuscript submission process of the IET Special Issue.

  • Using Prevailing Angle of Harmonics to Distinguish between Background Noise and Emission from a Turbine
    L. S. Christensen, J. G. Nielsen, T. Lund (Vestas Wind Systems, Denmark) (Submission-ID WIW17-173)
  • A Feasibility Study about Loss Standardization Technique Based on Practical Wind Farm Operation
    S. Jung (Hanbat National University, South Korea [ROK]) (Submission-ID WIW17-39)
  • Impedance Modelling and Simulation of Wind Turbines for Power System Harmonic Analysis
    J. Sun (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA), C. Buchhagen, M. Greve (TenneT Offshore, Germany) (Submission-ID WIW17-210)
  • Lessons Learnt From the Australian Frequency Control Ancillary Service Market
    K. Summers, R. Jennings (Pacific Hydro, Australia), J. Peters (Monash University, Australia) (Submission-ID WIW17-262)
  • Wind Power Plant Level Testing of Inertial Response with Optimized Recovery Behavior
    P. Godin, M. Fischer (ENERCON Canada, Canada), H. Röttgers, A. Mendonca, S. Engelken (WRD Wobben Research and Development, Germany) (Submission-ID WIW17-131)
  • Limitations for the Continuous Provision of Synthetic Inertia with Wind Turbines
    A. Gloe, C. Jauch (University of Applied Science Flensburg, Germany), B. Craciun, J. Winkelmann (Suzlon Energy, Germany) (Submission-ID WIW17-143)
  • Wind Power Plant Transmission System Modelling for Harmonic Propagation and Small-signal Stability Analysis
    Ł. Kocewiak (DONG Energy Wind Power, Denmark), B. Gustavsen, A. Hołdyk (SINTEF Energy Research, Norway) (Submission-ID WIW17-229)
  • Harmonic Emission of Wind Turbines and PV Inverters
    F. Santjer, S. Tentzerakis, K. Nolopp, M. Baerschneider, R. Foreman (UL International [DEWI], Germany), K. Malekian, F. Safargholi (Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany), S. Adloff (WRD Wobben Research and Development, Germany), I. Athamna, M. Muehlberg (FGW, Germany), M. F. Meyer, M. Jordan, D. Schulz (Helmut Schmidt University, Germany), F. Ackermann (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany) (Submission-ID WIW17-147)
  • Swedish Wind Power Forecasts: Procedure, Error Distribution and Spacio-Temporal Correlation
    L. Herre, T. Matusevičius, L. Söder (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) (Submission-ID WIW17-124)

Selected Solar Papers 2017 for “IET Special Issue”

The following papers of the 7th International Workshop on Integration of Solar Power into Power Systems (Berlin, 2017) have been selected as the best papers and are now eligible for the manuscript submission process of the IET Special Issue.

  • Forecasting PV/CPV at National Level – Portugal Experience
    J. Esteves,  R. Pastor, N. Pinho da Silva (R&D Nester), R. Pestana (REN, Portugal), Z. Chen (China Electric Power Research Institute – CEPRI) (Submission-ID SIW17-29)
  • Essential Reliability Services from Utility-Scale PV Power Plants
    M. Morjaria, V. Chadliev (First Solar, USA), V. Gevorgian (National Renewable Energy Laboratory – NREL, USA), C. Loutan (CAISO, USA) (Submission-ID SIW17-312)
  • Smart Network Control with Coordinated PV Infeed
    S. Hempel, J. D. Schmidt, E. Tröster, T. Ackermann (Energynautics, Germany) (Submission-ID SIW17-254)
  • Limiting Voltage Dips & Inrush Currents When Energizing Power Transformers: Controlled Switching of Gang Operated Switches – Theory and Case Study
    P. Taillefer, L. Poutrain (Vizimax, Canada), J. Sanchez (France) (Submission-ID SIW17-261)
  • Photovoltaics and Opportunistic Electric Vehicle Charging in a Swedish Distribution Grid
    R. Luthander, M. Shepero, J. Munkhammar, J. Widén (Uppsala University, Sweden) (Submission-ID SIW17-75)
  • RES Integration Study and Secured System Operation Under High PV Penetration in Japan
    K. Ogimoto (University of Tokyo, Japan), K. Ohbayashi, K. Asano (New Energy and Industrial Technology Department Organization – NEDO, Japan) (Submission-ID SIW17-212)

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