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Selected Wind Papers 2013 for “IET Special Issue”

The following papers of the 12th International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems as well as on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Power Plants (London, 2013) have been selected as the best papers and are now eligible for the manuscript submission process of the IET Special Issue.

  • The Power System Will Need More! – How Grid Codes Should Look Ahead
    E. Quitmann, E. Erdmann (Enercon, Germany) WIW13-1069
  • Flexibility Chart - Evaluation on Diversity of Flexibility in Various Areas
    Y. Yasuda (Kansai University, Japan), A. R. Årdal (SINTEF, Norway), E. M. Carlini (Terna, Italy), A. Estanqueiro (LNEG, Portugal), D. Flynn (University College Dublin, Ireland), E. Gómez-Lázaro (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain), H. Holttinen, J. Kiviluoma (VTT, Finland), F. Van Hulle (XP WIND, Belgium), J. Kondoh (Tokyo University of Science, Japan), B. Lange (Fraunhofer IWES, Germany), N. Menemenlis (IREQ/Hydro-Québec, Canada), M. Milligan (NREL, USA), A. Orths (, Denmark), C. Smith (UVIG, USA), L. Søder (Royal Institut of Technology/KTH, Sweden) WIW13-1029
  • Synthetic Inertia Control Strategy for Double-fed Induction Generator Wind Turbine Generators Using Energy from DC Capacitor
    J. Zhu, H. Urdal, D. Young (National Grid, United Kingdom) WIW13-1165
  • Offshore Generation and Transmission in Great Britain - A Review of the Connection Process and Technical Performance Requirements
    A. Johnson (National Grid , United Kingdom) WIW13-1121
  • System Strength Considerations in a Converter Dominated Power System – How Can it be Modelled Effectively?
    H. Urdal (National Grid, United Kingdom), C. Ivanov (ENTSO-E, Belgium), A. Dahresobh, R. Ierna, J. Zhu, D. Rostom (National Grid, United Kingdom) WIW13-1179
  • Network Fault Response of Wind Power Plants in Distribution Systems during Reverse Power Flows (Part II)
    J. C. Boemer (TU Delft, the Netherlands), B. G. Rawn (KU Leuven, Belgium), M. Gibescu, M. A. M. M. van der Meijden (TU Delft/TenneT TSO, the Netherlands), W. L. Kling (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands) WIW13-1216
  • The FRT Requirements for Wind Power Plants in the ENTSO-E Network Code on Requirements for Generators – TSOs’ and Manufacturers’ Views on Requirements, Capabilities of Wind Power Plants and Technical Challenges Related to the NC RfG – short version
    J. Fortmann (REpower Systems, Germany), R. Pfeiffer (Amprion, Germany), E. Haesen (ENTSO-E, Belgium), F. Van Hulle (XP Wind, Belgium), F. Martin (Siemens Wind Power, Denmark), H. Urdal (National Grid, United Kingdom), S. Wachtel (GE Energy Consulting, Germany) WIW13-1072
  • Frequency Response of the US Eastern Interconnection under Conditions of High Wind Generation
    N. Miller, M. Shao (GE Energy, USA), K. Clark (NREL, USA) WIW13-1089
  • Optimal K-Factor and Active Current Reduction during Fault-Ride-Through of Converter-Connected Generating Units for Power System Stability
    B. Weise (DIgSILENT, Germany) WIW13-1114

Selected Solar Papers 2013 for “IET Special Issue”

The following papers of the 3rd International Workshop on Integration of Solar Power into Power Systems (London, 2013) have been selected as the best papers and are now eligible for the manuscript submission process of the IET Special Issue.

  • 100% Renewables in Australia - Will a Capacity Market be Required?
    J. Riesz, I. MacGill (University of New south Wales, Australia) SIW13-1020
  • Solar Integration in Australia's Electricity Market
    J. Gilmore, B. Vanderwaal, I. Rose (ROAM Consulting, Australia) SIW13-1021
  • The Market Value of Solar PV
    L. Hirth (Vattenfall, Germany) SIW13-1066
  • Transmission Network Loading in Europe with High Shares of Renewables
    T. Brown (Energynautics) SIW13-1094
  • Costs and Benefits of Fossil-Fueled Plant Flexibility
    D. Lew, G. Brinkman, G. Stark (NREL, USA), G. Jordan, S. Venkataraman (GE Energy, USA), N. Kumar, S. Lefton (Intertek-APTECH, USA) SIW13-1047
  • Cross-Correlation of Photovoltaic Output Fluctuation in Power System Operation for Large-Scale Photovoltaic Integration
    Y. Ikeda (Kyoto University, Japan), K. Ogimoto (University of Tokyo, Japan) SIW13-1023



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