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The International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems as well as on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Power Plants. 25 - 26 October 2011, Aarhus, Denmark

Energinet.dk Day

"From strategy to reality - A TSO shows the roadmap leading to a wind based future -"

The European Power System is currently undergoing substantial changes, which cause important challenges, e.g.:

  • shift of primary resources towards more Renewables, (EU "202020" targets),
  • closer international cooperation within the framework of ENTSO-E (3rd liberalization package)
  • new technical developments offering promising perspectives.

However, European TSOs' challenges are partly similar, partly different due to historical, geographical and political framework conditions.

Find the detailed program for download here [PDF, 16 KB].

The Danish TSO looks into a future with:

  • being a direct neighbour to a gigantic new North-Sea "generator" with smoothened, but variable output. In 2030, 40-80 GW North-Sea offshore wind farms (present Danish peak load: 6,3 GW) will possibly be interconnected by an offshore grid and are expected to cover an important part of the European demand. Energinet.dk has the responsibility of developing transmission and system solutions for integration of the Danish part of the offshore wind power.
  • Denmark being independent of fossil-fuels within 2050 - focusing on wind energy as main resource.
  • Denmark changing present over-head lines into high voltage cables
  • being located between Nordic hydro-based systems and Continental thermal systems. which also undergo substantial changes. High transits are expected to continue thus exploiting the benefits of both market regions. Suitable market designs are required.
  • Large numbers of dispersed production units and price responding consumers being located on lower voltage levels - calling for smart solutions and new division of responsibilities between TSOs and DSOs.

Challenges both, from regional as well as from time-horizon perspectives have to be tackled across all voltage levels. The Danish TSO has to develop today's power system for tomorrow's requirements - ensuring at any time reliable supply and high quality products, fitting international requirements.

Preparation for the future is relying on three main measures:

  • a strong transmission system,
  • flexibility of energy systems and
  • Smart Grids.

During the ENDK day it will be shown, which tools, ideas and concepts are used. The range from specific innovative prototype projects today up to concepts for 2050 will be covered. Technical solutions facilitating a power system based on 50% wind power will be demonstrated.

The program will elaborate on the following subjects:


  • Multi-terminal VSC offshore infrastructure - first prototype in the Baltic sea
  • Cabling the Danish HV system - why and how.


  • Balancing a power system dominated by wind power - seen from three perspectives: market, operation and planning

Smart Grid:

  • Smart Grid solutions facilitating large scale wind power integration in a market driven environment, e.g. ancillary services from wind power or the "prosumer"
  • Secure data communication

The Energinet.dk day will include interactive debates with participants on the presented issues.

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